Vidur Bhardwaj


Green Sustainable architecture is one of the most challenging fortes any architect would love to work on. Vast research and perfect implementation is much needed for any architect who wants to step in to vertical. It is one of the most challenging tasks in today's world where the demand for sustainable development is increasing every passing day. As per Vidur Bharadwaj, every use of technology in any industry should have an environment-care aspect. He believes that nature is the creator of the human race and it has been supporting life on earth in the most cordial way in sync with the ecosystem. It is our responsibility to take care of nature and maintain ecological balance. Mr. Vidur Bhardwaj has worked relentlessly and passionately in the field of Green Sustainable Development; thus, if you take out any of his paintings, you will able to see. His work has earned him respect internationally. Known for designing world-class commercial/workplace structures delivered in the record time frame.


He is a nature-loving multi-dimensional person whose love for nature reflects in his work in multiple streams. Professionally, he has worked on green platforms under various associations. 'A green Artist' is that tag attached to his name for 3 decades now. He has even ever concerned about his contribution to conserving nature in the most efficient manner.

"Energy and efficiency are the two sides of the same coin, if we want our future generation to enjoy and use the resources as we are, there had to be norms that has to be followed by everyone irrespective of caste, creed, and culture."
- Vidur Bharadwaj,